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The Grand Valley Public Library serves three communities: Town of Grand Valley, Township of Amaranth and the Township of East Garafraxa.

Your current Board:

Chair & Amaranth Township rep. Andrew Stirk

Julie Van Alstine

Board members:

Amy Steele


Brennan Solecky


Mary Hatch


East Garafraxa Township rep.:

Dave Halls
Town of Grand Valley rep.:

James Jonker

The Library Board meets 10 time a year, from September to June.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.  These meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Library in the McGinnis room.  

"Despite any other Act, Board meetings shall be open to the public except that where the Board is of the opinion that intimate financial or personal matters may be disclosed at a meeting and that the desirability of protecting against the consequences of public disclosure outweighs the desirability of holding the meeting in public, the Board may hold that meeting in the absence of the public"

Library Act 1990 16(3)

Despite the above the chairman may exclude any person from a meeting for improper behaviour.


Town of Grand Valley By-Law 95-7 makes provision for a seven member Board.

a)      Four residents of the Town of Grand Valley

b)      One Town of Grand Valley Councillor

c)      One Township of Amaranth Councillor

d)      One Township of East Garafraxa Councillor

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 Library Policies

Accessible Communications Guide for the Grand Valley Public Library

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy and Electronic Messages

Board Governance Policy

Board - Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

Child Behaviour and Supervision Policy

Circulation Policy

Collection Development Policy

Digitalization Collection Development Policy

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Environmental Policy

Financial Policy

Gifts Acceptance Policy

Library & Political Elections Policy

Marketing and Communications Plan

Media Policy

Mission Vision Values Philosophy

Personnel -  Conduct of Staff

Planning Policy

Respect and Acknowledgement Declaration

Strategic Plan 2022-2025



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