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The Grand Valley Public Library serves three communities: Town of Grand Valley, Township of Amaranth and the Township of East Garafraxa.  The Library is located at the corner of Main Street and Amaranth St. in the Town of Grand Valley.


The Grand Valley Public Library is the Foundation of the Community Providing Social and Educational Resources.


  1. Love of Reading:  We nurture the joy of reading in people of all ages.
  2. Curiosity:  We believe in asking questions and challenging the status quo.
  3. Lifelong Learning: We believe that social and educational development enriches the community. As such we will develop and deliver programs and services that span a lifetime.
  4. Courage:  We believe in being bold and taking risks to achieve greater things.
  5. Knowledgeable Staff: We encourage the professional and personal development of staff.
  6. Accountability: We are responsible to our patrons, our funders and the community at large.
  7. Collaboration:  We believe we accomplish more by working together.
  8. Innovation: we will continue to be an innovative and highly adaptive entity in the development and implementation of programs and services to best meet community needs.
  9. Inclusiveness:  We support accessible and equitable services.
  10. Intellectual Freedom: your library believes that everyone has a fundamental right to all expressions of knowledge, creativity and intellectual activity.
  11. Equitable Access: we believe it is every residents' right to receive free and equal access to information and services regardless of race, colour, sex, religion or age.


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The Grand Valley Public Library is committed to:

  • serve as a resource centre of information, education, recreation and culture for the residents of The Town of Grand Valley and the Contracting Municipalities; Township of  Amaranth and Township of East Garafraxa.
  • operate at a sufficient standard to meet the needs of the catchment area. operate according to the Public Libraries Act, revised statutes of Ontario, 1990, Chapter P.44 as amended by : 1993, Chapter 27, Sched. And the following Regulation (as amended) : Grants for Public Libraries (R.R.O.. 1990, Reg. 976) and to apply other Provincial statutes and regulations which affect the operation of the Public Library.
  • cooperate with other jurisdictions in planning and delivery of library service

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History of the Grand Valley Public Library

The Grand Valley Public Library was originally a Carnegie Library built in 1913.  

The Grand Valley Library in 1913

On May 31, 1985 a tornado swept through the village and completely destroyed the Library.

destroyed by tornado

A new Library was completed in 1988 on the original site where the Carnegie Library stood.   The new Library is 4,300 square feet and offers an open and inviting concept.

new library

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